What If You Had To Survive On Pharmacy Chain Store Food?

A CVS Pharmacy is located across the street from the apartment building where I live. For many years, I have been shopping at the store at least a couple of times every week.

Quite often, I purchase various types of food items at the CVS store. Even though I prefer to shop for most items at two or three local full-service supermarkets, I also like to do some grocery shopping at the pharmacy.

When some items, including name brand products are on sale at the pharmacy, the price is actually lower than sale prices at the supermarket.

Among the items that are often priced lower at CVS are boxed pasta, premium frozen pizzas, instant coffee, canned pasta, mayonnaise, cold cereal, bread, cookies, peanut butter and cooking oil.

More than once, I’ve fantasized about what it would be like to eat only food purchased at a chain store pharmacy.


Actually, I don’t think it would be that bad.

You could get items from each of the five food groups, although some might be canned, boxed or jarred. Food products for breakfast, lunch and dinner are now sold at chain store pharmacies.

From the dairy group, you could drink fresh milk, sliced American cheese, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, ice cream and butter. During the winter holiday season, egg nog is even stocked at these stores.

To maintain any type of nutritional fitness, it is important to eat vegetables. Canned vegetables such as peas, green beans, corn, mushrooms and tomatoes are usually sold at these pharmacies.

Meat is available at chain store pharmacies in the form of canned hams, canned luncheon meats, canned chicken, beef jerky, frozen chicken wings and frozen mini cheeseburgers.

Most chain store pharmacies now stock various types of breads. A wide variety of crackers are also usually available.

Different types of fruit juices are normally on the shelves at these pharmacies, as are lots of fruit juice varieties.

Desserts are in abundance at chain store pharmacies. There are generally lots of ice cream choices, as well as puddings, pie crusts, maraschino cherries, snack cakes and cookies galore.

Don’t forget all of the different types of candy that are also sold at most of these pharmacies.

Even if I had millions of dollars and was transported around by a chauffeur in a luxury limousine service, I would probably still purchase some food items at CVS, but definitely not all of my monthly food items.